Why Millennials Prefer to Rent

Are you part of the generation who decides to rent before owning a home? You're not alone. Homeownership has fallen 18% for those 35 & under since 2006. Discover the benefits of renting a home and read Why Millennials Prefer to Rent via rentplus.com.

Stay Fit in the Comfort of Your Apartment

When the motivation is at an all time low and you can't get yourself to leave your apartment for the gym… yeah, we know about those days. Stay one step ahead and keep some fitness equipment in your apartment! Check out this list of Small Space Fitness Equipment That Won't Take Up Much Space via Apartminty.

Treat Yourself at Famous Toastery

Famous Toastery in Exton is the talk of the town. This highly anticipated breakfast, lunch & brunch concept features delectable dishes made from fresh & scratch ingredients. Aka you won't find anything on the menu that comes from a can! The southern restaurant's motto "Where every server is your sever" is true – all staff serve…

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