Last Minute Halloween Decorating Ideas


Pumpkins carved into skeleton and jackolatern with spider web cookies and candy

Looking to decorate for Halloween but not quite sure where to start? Check out these 5 last minute DIY Halloween decorating ideas.

  1. Wine Bottle Candlesticks – Before you throw away your wine bottle use it as a decoration! All you need is an empty wine bottle, a candle stick and some black spray paint! You’ll have your very own black flame candle! (Bonus points to anyone who can name that movie) These are sure to add a little extra spook to your home.


  1. Spiders and Halloween just seem to go together. Make your front door stand out with some spider webs and add some spiders to go along with it! Kangaroo’s Stretchy Spider web is our favorite to use.


  1. Candy wrapper pumpkins – Trick or treat? Show off your favorite candy by wrapping your pumpkins in candy wrappers! All you need is some Mod Podge and print outs of your favorite candy logo (a quick google search will take care of that).


  1. Pumpkin Candy Dispenser – pumpkins and candy are two Halloween staples. Try putting them together in this fun way. All you need is a pumpkin, glass bowl, and your favorite Halloween candy. First, trace the bottom of your bowl onto the side of your pumpkin, cut out the shape (you might need to make it a little larger), don’t forget to scoop out the pumpkin, and lastly, place the bowl into the hallowed out shape and fill with candy


  1. Bubbly Cauldron – This is sure to get your whole house in the holiday spirit. All you need is a cauldron or a large rounded dish from your kitchen and some dry ice.


What are your favorite DIY decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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