Low Maintenance Indoor Plants


Healthy low maintenence plant and succulent on table with beautiful green leaves

Spring is in the air! What better way to welcome the new season than with some indoor plants for your apartment? Check out these 3 low-maintenance plants that are perfect for freshening up your place.

  1. Pothos – If you are just starting to take care of houseplants the Pothos plant is for you. Nicknamed “devils ivy” this trailing vine plant is resilient and can handle going a few days without water or getting too much water.
  2. Aglaonema – If you are an over waterer of your plants, this one is for you! The Aglaonema can handle overwatering and comes in a variety of colors like green, pink white or red.
  3. Aloe – Aloe is a great plant for those just discovering their green thumb because it does not need a lot of attention. This plant prefers indirect sunlight, so it is perfect for your nightstand or coffee table and the best part? You only need to water it once a week or even every two weeks, just make sure it gets a good soak.

Do you have a favorite indoor houseplant we did not mention? Let us know in the comments!

** If you have pets make sure the plant you choose is not toxic to the animal.

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