Revamp Your Workout!


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Are you getting tired of doing the same old workout routine? We get it, and sometimes you just don’t have the creative energy to come up with something new. When you need to give your creativity a rest but still want to get a sweat on, we recommend the “Deck of Cards Workout”. What is the “Deck of Cards Workout” you ask? Simply follow the steps below!

Step one – grab a deck of cards.

Step two – denote a movement to each card suit (maybe write it down so that you remember).

For example:

hearts = jumping jacks

diamonds = push ups

spades = air squats

clubs = burpees

*remember these are just ideas, you can do any movement that works for you! Just make sure that one movement is complete for your whole body, for example, 1 lunge would equal 1 left lunge and 1 right lunge. Here are a few other ideas for movements: lunges, plank up downs, sit ups, line hops, toe touches, arm circles, etc.

Step three – count out 20 cards, 30 cards, or the whole deck (remember the more cards the longer the workout), now shuffle them up!

Step four – set your stack of cards in front of you and pull a card. The suit denotes the movement, the number (face cards/aces = 11) denotes the number of reps to perform. Going off our initial example, if you pull an 8 of hearts, do 8 jumping jacks, if your next card is a king of spades, do 11 air squats. Keep pulling cards until you get through your stack!

*Reminder: you should consult a physician before starting any physical exercise program.


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