How a small habit will change your perspective TODAY!

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Person smiling holding a balloon with a smiley face in front of a ferris wheel

“Well I guess it’s back to the grind.” “I am still just trying to catch up.” “My down time just flies by.” “I’m just so busy.” How many times have you heard people say these words in conversation? The answer is–too many. It’s no secret that we live in a fast-paced world filled with countless responsibilities, pulling us in a million different directions, but even though we live in that world, we do not need to let it consume us!

Today I challenge you to look at life through a different lens. Move away from only focusing on where you need to be, how little time you have and the never-ending list of things you MUST do. I know that these things are important to you, or they wouldn’t be causing you stress, but they can’t be your ONLY focus.

I want you to slow down, just a little bit. I want you to start looking for what makes you smile in the middle of the chaos. Is the sun shining, did you hear your favorite song, was your morning coffee just right? Now, once you start finding these moments, I want you to write them down, even if it’s just one. I am not talking about big things like “my children”. Pick something specific that happened that day. Like your son Jake told you a knock-knock joke and his laugh made your day. Start out just looking for one thing that makes you smile, and you will begin to see all these little moments that used to merely flash by. Writing them down each day will allow you to bring more attention and value to them. Cherish these moments, be grateful for them, and recognize them. You will still be running around catching up on everything, but you will be looking for those moments that make it all worth it, and time may start to feel like it isn’t flying by so fast!

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