Bring Back the Dinner Party!


The art of entertaining is in desperate need of a revival.  What happened to the days of hosting dinner at home to catch up with your friends? Maybe you set the bar too high and think that if you aren’t Martha Stewart there is no point in trying. Maybe you think your apartment doesn’t have enough room for you to host.  Or maybe you think that its just too expensive.  Well I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t be worrying about any of those things!  If your friends can’t appreciate a relaxing dinner at your home without perfectly folded napkins and $100 center pieces then I think you have the wrong friends.  If you don’t think you have enough room, I encourage you to get creative (and hey it doesn’t have to be a party for every person you have ever met, stick to the people you want to see sprawled out in your living room, no matter the size).  And finally, if you think it’s too pricey, I have a few tips that will keep costs down and might have you rethinking those frequent dinners with friends out at the latest restaurant.  

Bouquet of flowers in vase on set table

1. Pick a theme! 

Now hear me out…don’t start rolling your eyes picturing an elaborate Gatsby-themed party with tuxedos and expensive shiny decorations everywhere (unless you are into that, then by all means, get to it!).  Use a theme as a way to keep things organized and simplified for your guests.  Let’s use two different example themes to get us through the rest of the list: “Breakfast for Dinner” and “Paris”.

iPod with music ready to play

2. Create the ultimate playlist!

Now that we have our themes, think about what music accompanies that aesthetic.  “Breakfast for Dinner” – think coffee shop stations on Spotify, or your favorite 50s songs you would hear at a diner.  “Paris” – maybe you only play music from French artists or soundtracks from your favorite movies that feature the French city!  


3. Make it potluck style!

Don’t let all the food fall on you just because you are hosting.  Stick with the theme and ask guests to contribute.  “Breakfast for Dinner”, you’ll need coffee, fresh fruit, and maybe some fun pancake fixings.  “Paris”, ask guests to bring baguettes, brie and French chocolate.  

Keva Flats Mug

4. Opt for a signature drink!

Let guests know that you will have this signature drink on hand, that way you aren’t spending a million dollars picking up everyone’s favorite beverage and they can bring their own if they want something different!  For “Breakfast for Dinner”, mix up some Irish coffee for everyone. For “Paris”, pick up a few bottles of your favorite champagne (add some fresh fruit in the glasses to spice things up!). 

Entertaining kitchen with great open space to enjoy at Keva Flats

5. Utilize your community’s amenity space! 

Apartment communities are equipped with the latest and greatest amenities, and Keva Flats is no exception.  Maybe you want to spread out for your “Paris” dinner party, head to the entertaining kitchen and enjoy the great open space.   Or after you enjoy your “Breakfast for Dinner” head out to the clubhouse to play pool and board games with your guests.  The possibilities are endless!

I hope these tips help you realize that you are more than capable of hosting a dinner party at your apartment.  Happy entertaining, and have fun


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