7 Reasons why Renting is all the Rage


Couple with baby touring their future home with a leasing agent
Whether you're a current resident or someone who's thinking of apartment living, this article is for you. Here are some reasons renting is all the rage right now:

1. You can make friends.
We hear that the people make the apartment community. And it’s true! Expect to meet some awesome residents that are happy to be your neighbors. Whether you need a cup of sugar or glass of wine, it’s much easier making friends & creating community in shared amenity spaces. You can also attend resident events geared towards meeting your new neighbors. Apartment communities like Keva Flats cater towards comfortable & friend(ly) environments.

2. Your pets can make friends too.
Most apartment homes are listening to the ever-growing demand of having a pet friendly community – and so is Keva! With amenities catered to your furry friends like bark parks, dog treats in the lobby & “Yappy Hours” your pet will have a social life just as good as yours.

3. Living Alone Woes
If you’re nervous about living on your own, many residents like the idea of being “close by” to someone, whether a next-door neighbor or friend down the hall. Keva Flats also offers cozy & well-lit hallways, with a sophisticated smart lock entry for peace of mind.

4. Amenity Advantages
Can a home give you 11,000 square feet of games, lounges & entertainment? Er, maybe some homes can, but if you’re looking to enjoy an incredible luxury space on the reg, apartment living is something to consider. Most residents enjoy throwing birthday parties, hanging with friends & holding hobby clubs in the amenity spaces. At Keva, there’s also a giant quartz island and kitchen bar perfect for delicious & endless entertaining.

5. Flexibility
It’s no secret that it’s tough to afford a large down payment when purchasing a home. It’s also sometimes tough to predict where you’ll be in 1-5 years! Keva Flats offers 9-15 month leases with a $500 deposit up front* pending application screening results, for the flexibility you need when choosing a home.

6. Leave the Tools Behind
Or if you didn’t have any in the first place, no worries! Having a maintenance team within an apartment community is one of the best perks of renting. If its an appliance, HVAC unit or plumbing issue, Keva Flats' team is on it with a solution. We're happy to help!

7. Extra Care
At Keva Flats, we know this is more than an apartment to you, it's your home. It's truly priceless to have a staff that provides excellent care and endless effort in order to keep our residents happy. Stop in the leasing office to say hi once in a while! Keva Flats' team members will be happy to help with the little details like recommending a dog walker or housekeeper and answering questions about the community.

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