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Ways to Enjoy the Rooftop Amenities at Keva Flats

When you live in an apartment, saving space is always a priority. In addition to having modern indoor living space and spacious floor plans, it's always pretty great to have the option to go out onto a patio or deck for a drink or a change of scenery without having to take time and energy getting to a park. At Keva Flats, the flat rooftop doubles as an open-air common space, so you can quickly retreat to the great outdoors. Apartments with rooftop terrace amenities offer a kind of comfortable freedom that will make you wonder how you ever lived without one. Here are three ways to enjoy the Keva Flats rooftop terrace.

1. Fresh Air and Relaxation

Apartments with rooftop terrace access bring space-saving innovation together with simple luxury. Sometimes what you need to start your day, end your day, or give yourself a breather in the middle of your day, is just some fresh air. At Keva Flats, there are tons of comfortable places to sit and wind down with a book, some headphones, or just the sounds of life around you. We all deserve some alone time, but the reality is so many of us never make that a priority. Apartment life isn't always conducive to open-air lounge areas, let alone spacious rooftop ones. Apartments with rooftop comforts, however, open up all kinds of ambient possibilities. Sit up there in the early morning light with your coffee before a hectic day, or settle into a romantic evening with a cocktail, the sunset, and the right company.

2. Yoga and Meditation

Switch up your yoga routine (or start one) by bringing your mat to the roof. It's true that we'll all take mental clarity wherever we can get it, and usually, that means finding our center in the living room or the bedroom. Apartments with rooftop amenities offer a space to stretch your muscles and your mind outdoors.

3. Have a Small Dinner Party...or Brunch...or Lunch Party

Apartments with rooftop amenities aren't just for solitude and romance, though. With a grill, fire pits, and an outdoor TV, entertaining just got a whole lot easier. If you love the idea of getting a small group of friends together to watch the game and grill up some small plates, you'll love Keva Flats. Outdoor venues are always a hit, and nothing says casual luxury quite like a rooftop terrace. These are just a few of the ways to take advantage of the Keva Flats rooftop. Rooftop lounges offer the perfect blend of casual comfort and sophistication. Unlike a park or other off-premises venues, it's fairly quick and easy to move the party indoors if the weather takes a turn. If you want to continue picturing yourself living in Keva Flats’ luxury apartments, view our photo gallery and contact our leasing office today for renting details!

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