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Apartments with Fitness Centers in Exton

If you’re searching for apartments with fitness center in Exton PA, look no further than Keva Flats! A lot of apartments have workout rooms, but here it's not just about on-premises convenience and a few pieces of cardio equipment. It's about helping you achieve a well-rounded fitness routine for your body and your mind.

Amenities for a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle

They say variety is the spice of life. What's also true is that variety is the spice of a sustainable fitness regimen. The state-of-the-art fitness club at Keva Flats features a few incredible workout staples to rely on, such as free weights and kettlebells, rower machines, treadmills, ellipticals, TRX, as well as spin bikes. 

Some days, all you have time for is a few reps with the free weights and a little cardio to get yourself moving. Other days require a little something more. Residents can check out the multi-sport simulator room that allows you to practice your skills without being on the court, and without having to rely on the weather to coordinate with your schedule. There are several sports to choose from, so be prepared to try something new. You'll also want to try out the yoga/Pilates studio with Well Beats virtual trainer. Whether you've been into yoga or Pilates for years, or you've always meant to try it, the virtual trainer can help make sure you're doing things correctly to help avoid injury. Because it's virtual, you can attend class on your schedule. These are definitely fitness amenities to consider when looking for apartments with a fitness center.

Some days aren't meant for hard workouts or yoga. After a long day, slip into the resort-style private pool for some low-impact exercise to unwind. Clear your mind in the clear water, then lounge on the relaxing sun deck to help you transition into the rest of your evening. After all, fitness isn't just about working up a sweat. Sometimes it's about taking care of your body by letting it relax. That's also why Keva Flats features other luxury amenities, including grill stations, fire pits, lounges, and games to help you flex your social muscles as well.

Keva Flats is about comfort, luxury, and lifestyle, and our fitness amenities fit a wide range of interests, skill levels, moods, and schedules. Call Keva Flats today to schedule a tour!

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